Bella Hager has received the Elsa Naumann scholarship.


Johanna Ackva, Assaf Aharonson, Magdalena Meindl, Nir Vidan, Axeli Aittomäki, Anneli André, Shiran Eliaserov and Matteo Graziano will receive the Einstiegsförderung for 2019.

Felix Marchand, Jee-Ae Lim, Lyllie Rouvière, Anna Nowicka
and Rafael Hillebrandt receive the individual project funding in 2019.


Vilja Mihalovsky and Niels Weijer were selected as new grant recipients by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.


Shang-Chi Sun was appointed as a guest professor at the National Taiwan University of Arts and is giving Mater program for a semester.

Tümay Kılınçel has an artistic research "We'R'Dansöz" (working title) as part of the Flausen Residenz am Theater in the baalsaal Bonn this summer. She works together with Berna Kurt, Baly Nguyen and Hiba Shammout.

Magda Korsinsky is currently researching black German feminism and intersectionality with the support of the initial funding of the Fonds Darstellende Künste and in cooperation with the Ballhaus Naunynstraße. In addition, she works on documentary theatre to find out how documentary methods can be made fruitful for dance.

In August Jana Unmüßig defends her doctoral thesis of arts (dance) with the title "Critical Reflections on Perception, Body and Temporality" at the Performing Arts Research Center of the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. It will be published by ActaScenia.

Jee-Ae Lim has received a Recherchestipendium 2018 from the Berliner Senat.




Anna Aristarkhova receives the Einzelprojektförderung 2018 (Berliner Senat) for her new project LUST which will be coproduced by Sophiensaele and premiere in spring 2018.


Janne Gregor receives the Einstiegsförderung 2018 of Berlin Senat.


Mirko Winkel received the Rabbit Island Residency Award.


Lina Gómez also receives support from the Berlin Senate "Einzelprojektförderung" 2018 for developing her project "Chão Vazado" (working title).


Lina Gómez will be travelling to Sardinia to realize her research project, Chão Vazado, for which she is receiving support from the Goethe-Institut. Lina Gómez developed the project Choreographies of Fear, Responses to invisible strategies in artistic residency at the Centrum Amarant in Poznan. projekt-residents.pl/de

Milla Koistinen has received a six-month artist grant from the Arts Promotion Centre of Finland.

Lulu Obermayer received debut support of approximately 18.000 € from the City of Munich.

Przemek Kaminski is taking part in a Wild Card Residency at I.C.I. / CCN in Montpellier.

Anna Till received a three-month grant from the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen to work on her research project „s t i l l“.

Miriam Jakob is artist in residency at the ausland Berlin from 20.2. to 5.3.2017. The results of the inter-disciplinary project „In the Shadow of Man“ (working title) in collaboration with a dancer, musician and filmmaker will be presented on 4.3.


Anna Aristarkhova received the Einstiegsförderung 2017 of Berlin Senat.


The short movie "Fukoshima“ (D 2016, Aymeric Nager) is nominated for the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival in Münster. Screenings: 29.10. and 30.10. Dance and voice by Yuko Matsuyama (MAC). www.zebrapoetryfilm.


Miriam Kongstad received a grant in the context of the PAP Mentoring Program Berlin with the mentor Eva Hartmann. She also received a PROMOS grant for an internship at Participant Inc. in New York.


Carina Otte and Romy Schwarzer (both MAC) will receive a PROMOS grant for their studies in Finland.


Irina Demina (MAC) received project support from the cultural administration of Hamburg for the project „Banshee Ragout" in cooperation with Joshua Rutter (alumni). The premiere will take place in Hamburg in February 2017


Anna Fitoussi received a grant from the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk.


Madalina Dan is one of the prizewinners of the CNDB - National Dance Center-Bucharest Prize.


Ewa Dziarnowska (BA) performed in "more than naked“ by Doris Uhlich at CNDB in Bucharest on 11.12.


Romy Schwarzer (MAC) was a dancer in Anna Till’s work "flat scream“, which showed at the European Center for Art in Hellerau on 18. and 19.12.2015





Anna Aristarkhova received production cost subsidies of LIFE LONG BURNING, a EU networking project. www.lifelongburning.eu 


Kareth Schaffer will receive support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds for „Unheard Of“. - Congratulations! 


Julian Weber was chosen as one of three prizewinners of the Berlin Art Prize 2015 for his performance „the tourist“ on June 12th. All three prizewinners received a trophy by Yael Bartana, prize money and an invitation to a residency in Greece. The Berlin Art Prize exhibition will be open until 4. July 2015. It is accompanied by a programme with performances, screenings and workshops.


Virag Arány (BA) and Júlia Hadi received the Laban-Award for their piece "S t e p i n T i m e“. The award is given to the performance of the year in Hungary


Helena Botto, Katharina Greimel, Agata Siniarski and Kai Simon Stoeger all received one of the Berlin Senate’s dance grants for 2015.


Lea Moro was given a residency grant at the K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie, Tanzplan Hamburg and will develop her solo performance „The End of the Alphabet“ there.


Inna Krasnoper, Annegret Schalke and Hana Lee Erdman received danceWEB grants 2015 in the context of the ImPulsTanz Wien festival from 16.7. to 16.8. *


Lea Moro will receive the Elsa-Neumann Grant of the Land of Berlin (February 2015 - February 2016).


Ewa Dziarnowska, Katarzyna Wolinska and Zuzanna Ratajczyk (all BA) received danceWEB grants for 2015 in the context of the ImPulsTanz Wien festival from 16.7. to 16.8.


Zuzanna Ratajczyk (BA) was given the UdK Germany grant for the 2015/2016 academic year.


Anna Aristakhova (MAC) was given the Jury Award at the SzólóDuó Festival 2015 (14.-18.1.) in Budapest for „Duett für zwei Zungen“.


David Pollmann (MA SODA) was awarded the Förderpreis der großen Kunstausstellung NRW; it provides 3,000 EUR of support.


Lea Moro was given a residency grant at the K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie, Tanzplan Hamburg and will develop her solo performance „The End of the Alphabet“ there.


Inna Krasnoper, Annegret Schalke and Hana Lee Erdman received danceWEB grants 2015 in the context of the ImPulsTanz Wien festival from 16.7. to 16.8.




Katharina Greimel received a "Startstipendium" by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture.


Emma Tricard (BA Dance, Context, Choreography), Ivo Serra Silva (MA SODA) and Anna Aristarkhova (MAC) were selected as new grant recipients by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes.

Anna Aristarkhova (MAC) was also given the 'best duo - newcomer' prize for „Duett für zwei Zungen“ at the SoloDuo NRW + Friends Festival in Cologne.

Rodrigo Garcia Alves (MA SODA) will receive a production grant from the Uferstudios GmbH of EUR 4.250 this year; it is made possible by the five-year EU network project LIFE LONG BURNING (LLB). www.lifelongburning.eu. The German partner, Uferstudios GmbH, supports one artist per year in the HZT MA study programmes in order to increase local and international visibility for MA students. The selection is made by a Network Tanzraum Berlin jury that changes every year.

Miriam Jakob will receive a residency at the PACT Zollverein in Essen in September 2014. She will work on her new piece "Travelling to the four corners of the earth" together with Maija Karhunen and Nir Vidan; it will premiere at the Tanzfabrik Berlin in November. 

Jee-Ae Lim (MA SODA alumnus) was voted as the up-and-coming hopeful in the magazine tanz’s yearbook 2014.


Rosalind Goldberg’s piece "MIT” was nominated for the "Prix Jardin d'Europe 2014” prize.


Julia Rodríguez received a stipend of Deutscher Bühnenverein - Landesverband Berlin as Fund Matching for her participation at danceWEB.


Miriam Jakob, Julian WeberLee Meir, Ania NowakKatharina GreimelJulia Rodríguez and Lea Moro received the danceWEB stipend 2014, which will take place during the ImPulsTanz Festival in Vienna from July 16 to August 20.


Jee-Ae Lim received the residence stipend of K3 Hamburg and an invitation to the “Visiting Fellows Program 2014” at the Saison Foundation in Japan.


Magda Korsinsky received the recognition award Screening 2014 of Förderverein für Künstlerinnen und Künstler in der Region Hildesheim e.V. for extraordinary art accomplishment.


Kareth Schaffer received the Tanzrecherche NRW #15. The research residency and the grant are awarded by NRW Kultursekretariat.


Anna Nowicka, Dragana Bulut, Carlos Oliveira and Juan Gabriel Harcha received a Dance Grant 2014 from the Berlin Senate.


Sergiu Matis received this year's funding of the EU network project LIFE LONG BURNING.


Seven students have each received a DanceWEB grant: BA students Ania Nowak, Julia Rodriguez, Katharina Greimel and Lea Moro and Alumni Julian Weber, Miriam Jakob and Lee Meir.


Agata Siniarska and Ania Nowak received project support from the Frauenversammlung of the performing arts faculty of the UdK for feminist-oriented projects.

Berlin Senate selected the projects of the following alumni for the Projektförderung 2014: Kat Válastur and Miriam Jakob


Jee-Ae Lim received support from the Elsa-Neumann-Stiftung. She also received funding from the Berlin Senate for inter-cultural project work 2014.  


Magda Korsinsky received support from the Berlin Senate for her project "Gazes that matter" in the field of inter-cultural projects 2014.





Ellinor Ljungkvist, Matteo Graziano and Sergiu Matis; all three of them received grants from the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.


Renen Itzhaki received a grant from the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk.

Ana Laura Lozza, Anne-Mareike Hess, Claudia Tomasi, Kareth Schaffer, Lee Meir and Sheena McGrandles all received Einstiegsförderung (support for newcomers).


The Prix Jardin d’Europe audience prize in Vienna went to Willy Prager for the production "The Victory Day“.


Polyxeni Angelidou received a scholarship for her studies at the MA Choreography from IKY, the Greek State Scholarships Foundation. 


Ellinor Ljungkvist (BA) was awarded a residency at the Austrian Art and Media Lab Schmiede13: RETURN.


Dragana Bulut, graduate from the MA SODA program, is fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude of the generation 2013- 2015.


Jee-Ae Lim, MA SODA graduate, is one of the residents at the K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie, Tanzplan Hamburg and received the "Grant for Artist in Residence Abroad“ from the Arts Council Korea.


Sonja Pregrad and Willy Prager received the Jardin d'Europe Residency and worked at the WASP (Working Art Space and Production) in Bucharest on their performance "Dance in 2044“.

Désirée Meul and Lea Moro (both BA Dance, Context, Choreography) won the Tankstelle 2013 up-and-comers prize with their performance "Oh Heimat, wie bist du so schön, so schön" in Luzern.

Ania Nowak (BA Dance, Context, Choreography) received a grant from the Polish Institute of Music and Dance for her residence at the Performing Arts Forum (PAF). 

Jascha Viehstädt (MA Choreography) received the Doppelpass Grant from the German Federal Cultural Foundation as a member of the artist collective costa compagnie.

Magda Korsinsky received a Dance Grant 2013 from the Berlin Senate. 

Alexandre Achour received a residency for his "Spectatorship versus Theatre" project at the PACT Zollverein in Essen.


This year, a grand total of three BA Dance, Context, Choreography received DanceWEB grants: Ana Laura LozzaMartin Hansen and Marc Philipp Gabriel.

Alumni Magda Korsinsky and Claudia Garbe also received DanceWEB grants. 


Agata Siniarska received the "Young Poland 2013" grant from the Polish Ministry for Culture and National Heritage. 

Miriam Jakob won the 100° Festival jury prize with her performance "23.1.1915[sic] 'as usual, sorry that I do not always..." in March. 


Hana Erdman (MA SODA) received women’s funding from the UdK dance department for her collaborative work in the “Turbulence” project initiated by Keith Hennessey.


Jasmin İhraç received support for the “Fluchtlinien” project (working title) from the Programm zur Förderung der interkulturellen Projektarbeit in Berlin for the year 2013.


Felix Mathias Ott received support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds for the project “Ilias”.


Britta Wirthmüller was given project support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds for the “Projekt Jean Weidt” production.


The graduates Magda Korsinski and Elisabete Finger (2013) received an entry-level grants from the Berlin Senate.


Project support from the Berlin Senate for 2013 was awarded to the graduates An KalerShang-Chi Sun und Milla Koistinen.




In November 2012, Anne-Mareike Hess was awarded a prize from the Stiftung zur Förderung junger Künstler in Luxemburg in the field of choreography.

Ellinor Ljungkvist just received a stipendium/grant from the Swedish foundation "Per Eriksson Stiftelse" in Örebro commun for study support this semester.


In July 2012 Kiran Kumar (MA SODA) received the NAC Arts Stipendium for the MA SODA programme from the National Arts Council Singapore. 

Roni Katz got a scholarship from ELES, the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studentenwerk.  


Magda Korsinsky got the Einstiegsförderung 2012 from the Berliner Senat. 

Alexandre Achour was rewarded a grant of the Elsa-Neumann-Foundation for one year supporting the development of an artistic project.


Ana Laura Lozza received a scholarship from the German National Academic Foundation.


Julian Weber received a residency at the Stadtmühle Willisau (Switzerland) from the 4th artgrant Kunstpreis 2012.


Lea Moro received a scholarship from the international Artists in Residence program (AIR) at the Künstlerhaus der Fundaziun NAIRS, Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst.


Cinira Macedo was supported by a UdK Berlin Deutschland grant.


Anna Nowicka’s (MA Choreography) solo „Fire burning in your hair“ won the HAU Jury Prize at the 100° Festival. She is also a danceWEB scholarship holder during ImPulsTanz in Vienna.


Felix Ott received a start-up grant from the Berlin Senate and is an apap scholarship holder for 2012.


The HZT graduate An Kaler was rewarded a grant from the Contemporary Arts Alliance for her project "Orientations".


David Bloom is a danceWEB 2012 scholarship holder during ImPulsTanz in Vienna and will be receiving financial support from the Goethe Institute.


For their production "Bewegungsschreiber. Dichtung trifft Tanz“, Ingo Reulecke and Martina Hefter received project support form the Berlin Senate.


Jana Unmüßig recieved project funding for 2012 from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.




Ellinor Ljungkvist received a grant from Örebro Cultural Council for the project "Acrylic on Canvas" with a residence at Gallery Coco in Vienna.

Lee Meir (BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography) was awarded with the 1. prize for her performance "Translation included “ at the Shades of Dance 2011 off spring festival in Tel Aviv.


Sheena McGrandles from the MA Solo/Dance/Authorship programme and Anna Nowicka from the MA Choreography programme received grants from the the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes in the field of choreography.


In the framework of the K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg residency programme, Jana Unmüßig will begin a nine-month residency beginning in August 2011. 


An Kaler received a dance grant from the Berlin Senate and is an artist-in-residence in Vienna in the context of TURBO-plattform junger tanz at ImPulsTanz 2011.


Claudia Garbe (Alumni, MA Choreography) was given a Berlin Senate entry-level grant for her project "into/out of landscape" in 2011.


Anat Eisenberg (Alumni, MA Solo/Dance/Authorship), Felix Marchand (Alumni, MA Solo/Dance/Authorship) and Kai Simon Stöger (Alumni BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography) will be receiving Berlin Senate project grants for 2011. 


Jasmin Íhrac (Graduate BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography) received a scholarship from Tanzrecherche NRW for the fall of 2010.


Nina Kurtela (Graduate BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography) received a three-month scholarship in Vienna from KulturKontakt Austria within the framework of the “Artists in Residence” - Program during April 1st to June 30th 2011. 





Dragana Bulut (MA Solo/Dance/Authourship) was awarded the “Prix Jardin d’Europe” European dance prize for young choreographers for the performance "E.I.O." she created together with Maria Baroncea and Eduard Gabia.


Jasmin Íhrac (Graduate BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography) received a scholarship from Tanzrecherche NRW for the fall of 2010.


Nina Kurtela (Graduate BA Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography) was awarded the Henkel Art.Award Young Artist‘s Prize CEE 2010.