Zinnowitzer Straße

The campus Zinnowitzer Strasse was reopened in 2018. In addition to the maChoreographie/HZT, the courses of study Schauspiel, Direction, Dramaturgy, Puppenspielkunst and Spiel und Objekt of HfS Ernst Busch are accommodated here. At this location there are three rehearsal studios  (100, 135 und 160 qm) for the maChoreograhie/HZT, a shared seminar room, a media studio with editing suites, recording equipment and basic lighting and sound equipment as well as the complete library of the HfS with workplaces for the students. The two stages will be jointly used by all resident study programmes.




Campus Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch

Zinnowitzer Str. 11
10115 Berlin