MAX 2013
>MAX 2013

The MAX series of events is conceived and organised by MA Choreography (MAC) students of the HZT Berlin. It deals with aspects and contexts of choreography from various perspectives and in different formats.


Free admission to all events. Contact:


Online on 08 April I 7–8 pm I www.worldwidemax.orgWorld Wide Max. Raubzug durch die Intimität des Zuschauens

An Online-Format by Raphael Hillebrand and Jascha Viehstädt.


World Wide Max is an experimental online format in which the public and artists of different genres meet through a Live-Video-Stream. In an intimate and interactive observer-acteur situation borders merge between watching and performing to create a performative action in which the audience is deprived of it's safety.



6 May I 7 pm
BODY MAX INDEX. A perfect body experience I Uferstudios, Studio 11

Concept/Idea: Jenni Ramsperger, Steffi Sembdner

Artists: Lena Röttgers,Susanne Mayer, Abel Navarro


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Free admission I Reservations requested: (limited number of participants)


3 June I 8 pm I Shame on MAX. An evening on vulnerability and erotics within the performance of gender

#queer or not #hetero or not #intimacy #on and off stage #we have no answer yet 

In the everyday body performance of my gender identity, I find myself to be vivid and at times caught. Social issues, political reality, personal fragility - I am constantly confronted with choices and responsibility, self-respect and shame. 

On this evening will we screen an array of video works, from widely consumed mainstream pop music videos to video art by international academically engaged queer artists, to then discuss the complex relations between sensual desire, emotional endangerment, gender roles and the power of their performance. 

Curated by Matteo Graziano and Rosalind Goldberg.


Kinobühne Villa Neukölln, Hermannstraße 233; U8 Boddinstraße. 



1 July I 7.30 pm I Max meets people. Approaching minds around Uferdorf Uferstudios, Hof

Max is curious. Max wants to know more. Max goes out to discover the land around the Uferdorf. He asks people, the people that live in this unknown area that Max has to cross every day in order to get to the Uferdorf. Max is confronted by opinions from around the Uferdorf.

An evening with Max and the natives, where Max is going to share – in a video presentation and guided tour – local ideas about choreography.

An event by Polyxeni Angelido and Karina Suárez-Bosche.

The MAX event series addresses perspectives, aspects and contexts of choreography. Students of the MA Choreography (MAC) at the HZT Berlin will conceive of all the events.