Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes #1 I 17.-19.1.2014

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  The “Laboratory on Feedback in artistic processes” was initiated within the frame of “Teachback” – one of the modules of the project "Life Long Burning"in collaboration with HZT Berlin (Inter-University Centre for Dance) and Uferstudios Berlin.

The lab, held between 17th  and 19th  January 2014, invited a group of people who shared an interest in the topic. Over the two and a half days the group practiced, articulated and discussed different approaches, aims and experiences of existing methods of feedback.


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Here you can listen to the audio documentation of each contribution during the lab:

Siegmar Zacharias

Charlotte Vandevyver

Emma Tricard

Nik Haffner

Inge Koks and Frederik Le Roy

Britta Wirthmüller

Allison Peacock and Charlotte Vandevyver

Frank Bock

Jörg Koslowsky

Eva Meyer-Keller

Dejan Srhoj




Feedback Lab #2: audiences I 16.-18.01.2015

The second lab with the topic of feedback took place in January 2015, this time with a focus on methods and formats that included audiences in feedback within performing arts. How can audiences gain new insights into artistic work and processes through participating in feedback-formats? At which moments during the time of developing new artistic work is it possible to integrate audience members into the feedback-process? And what kind of new insight and appreciation is offered by such an encounter between artists and their audience, which allows an expanded dialog that goes beyond witnessing the presentation of the production itself? During the lab a spectrum of these formats will be introduced and partly applied with audiences. In a similar way as during the first lab, this continuation offered an intensive exchange between the participating artists, curators and dramaturges. In cooperation with LLB, Uferstudios and Tanztage Berlin.


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In collaboration with Tanztage Berlin and under the title "Let’s Talk About Dance!", the third "Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Processes" offers feedback sessions to artists and audiences for each production of the festival. Different formats and methods will be tried to explore diverse ways of reflecting on the pieces, and these experiences will be evaluated back in the laboratory.
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Participants: Sonja Augart, Nik Haffner, Eva-Maria Hoerster, Inge Koks, Sheena McGrandles, Angela Meyer-Deutsch, Sophia New, Siegmar Zacharias

Feedback Lab goes Public – Let’s Talk About Dance is supported by mapping dance berlin of the Tanzbüro Berlin, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.

Laboratory on Artistic Feedback is eine a cooperation between Uferstudios GmbH and HZT Berlin in the context of the EU project Life Long Burning (LLB) / module teachback. LLB is supported by the cultural programme of the European Union. Life Long Burning