Laurent Chétouane

Laurent Chétouane (geb. 1973 in Soyaux/ Frankreich) absolvierte nach einem Ingenieur­studium ein Studium der Theaterwissenschaft an der Sorbonne und der Theaterregie an der Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt/M. Seit 2000 zahlreiche Inszenierungen an großen Bühnen u. a. in Hamburg, München, Weimar, Köln, Athen, Oslo. Ende August 2010 Premiere von „Nora oder ein Puppenheim“ am Nationaltheatret Oslo. Zur Zeit inszeniert Laurent Chétouane „Publikumsbeschimpfung“ am Theater Neumarkt in Zürich. Daneben seit 2006 tänzerische Projekte mit internationalen Gastspielen in Frankreich, Holland, Belgien, Österreich, Türkei, Norwegen. Im November 2009 Uraufführung von „Tanzstück #4: leben wollen ( zusammen )“ in den Sophiensaelen in Berlin. Eine neue Tanz­produktion ist für 2011 in Planung. 2008 Wild Card der RUHR.2010 und Förderpreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen für hervorragende junge Künstler. Gastprofessuren in Gießen, Gastdozenturen in Frankfurt/M., Hamburg, Leipzig, Bochum.



Rosalind Crisp

After early training in classical and contemporary dance, Rosalind Crisp studied release, BMC® and Contact Improvisation at the EDDC in Arnhem, Holland. She created the Omeo Dance studio in Sydney as a site for her choreographic research for over 10 years, receiving a number of awards and a choreographic fellowship from the Australia Council, 1999-2001. Since 2003 her company has been based in Paris where she is a choreographic associate of the Atelier de Paris - Carolyn Carlson and teaches and performs throughout Europe.


Ehud Darash

is a dance artist living and working in Berlin. He was trained as a modern dancer in Kibbutz Ga’aton dance center in Israel and worked as a freelance dancer and as a movement teacher in Tel-Aviv and later in Berlin. In 2007 he joined the HZT “Contemporary Dance, Context and Choreography” Bachelor pilot programme. During and in addition to his studies he has worked in collaboration with different choreographers (such as Rosalind Crisp, Martin Nachbar, Juli Reinartz, Abraham Hurtado and the collective) presented his own pieces in several contexts and festivals in Europe and taught movement exploration in different cities in Germany.

Lutz Deppe

Lutz Deppe worked as a photographer for various labels and publishers for over eight years. During that period he participated in several exhibitions. In 1995 he worked  exclusively with light for the first time. Together with Susanne Linke he realized the lighting for her dance film “Maerkische Landschaften”. After that he assisted Jean Kalman for the Opera de Lyon in “Lenz”, an opera by Wolfgang Rhim. Since then he has worked with many dance companies, directors and composers. With Yoshi Oidas “The Maids” he won the “Time Out Award 2003” in London. In the last years you could see his light installations, for example at the EXPO 2000, at the City de la Musique, Paris (2003) and in the church Elisabeth in Berlin (2010). Lutz Deppe holds national and international workshops.



Nicole Hartmann

See German version.


Boris Hauf

(1974 London, UK)

Plays saxophones, flutes, synthesizers, organ,  computer-based apps.  

Works in bands and as a soloist.

Composer for ensembles, soloists, installations, performance, film. 

Workshops, classes and lectures.


founded efzeg in 1992 and Owl & Mack in 2007;  is a founding member of TUB (a.k.a. The Understated Brown) (Berlin); 

Collaborates with various choreographers and visual artists: Litó Walkey, Christina Ciupke, Martin Nachbar, Zoe Knights, Nadia Lauro, Vera Mantero, Franz Poelstra/Robert Steijn, Sabina Holzer, Benoit Lachambre/Andrew Harwood, Lucy Cash, Paz Rojo, and others.

Concerts and performances in Europe, North Africa, Latin America, Japan, Korea and the USA.

Initiated and curates the annual composition festival Chicago Sound Map (Chicago) the concert series Play date (Berlin).

More than 30 releases on vinyl, cd, dvd, vhs and mp3 for various labels worldwide.


Hanna Hegenscheidt

Studied dance, Laban movement analysis and Klein technique in Hamburg and New York. Since 1998 she has taught Klein technique and contemporary Dance in New York, England and Berlin. She was a teaching artist at Lincoln Center Institute for Aesthetic Education (NY). She is staff member of the TanzZeit project (Berlin). Her choreographic work was shown in New York and Europe.


Andrea Keiz

See German version.


Sabine Kinschewski

See German version.



Boyan Manchev

is a philosopher, teaching at the International College of Philosophy in Paris, New Bulgarian University and Sofia University. His actual research is focused on the fields of ontology, philosophy of art and political philosophy. In the last years Manchev collaborated often to theatre, contemporary dance and visual arts projects. Among his recent publications are L'altération du monde: Pour une esthétique radicale (2009); La Métamorphose et l'Instant – Désorganisation de la vie (2009); Rue Descartes 64: La métamorphose, ed. by B. Manchev (2009) ; Rue Descartes 67: Quel sujet du politique?, ed. by G. Basterra, R. Ivekovic and B. Manchev (2010); The Body-Metamorphosis (2007).



Elisabeth Molle

Elisabeth Molle studierte Ballett und Modern Dance in Frankreich, dann während ihren 6 Jahren Aufenthalt in New York  an den Merce Cunningham Studio, dann  in der Strömung von Trisha Brown und vom postmodern Dance. Sie graduierte dort als Alexander Technik Lehrerin an den American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) in 1983. Seitdem wohnt sie in Berlin und hat mit unterschiedlichen freien Tanz- und Theatergruppen gearbeitet, sowohl an Ausbildungen für modern Tanz und an der UdK (Lehraufträge für Musical-Show). Während 7 Jahre hat sie mit dem Bewegungskünstler Suprapto Suryodarmo Bewegung geforscht.Ihrer Schwerpunkt  ist die Verbindung und Integration von der Alexander Technik, Bewegung und Improvisation. Sie unterrichtet die AT in eigener Praxis und ist auch seit 20 Jahren als Assistentin an Ausbildungen Schulen für die Alexander-Technik in Berlin tätig.


Petra Sabisch

 has worked since 2000 as a choreographer and performer. Her work focuses on movement  and composition methods with a strong interest in questions of perception and sensation, as well as in music. The most recent works: Conversation Piece, 2008, and "Dance"-"Lecture" with F. Gies, 2007. Collaborations with A. Baehr, J. Bel, A. Chauchat, F. Gies, L. Goldring, M. Ingvartsen and K. Juurak. Since 2005 Sabisch is involved in the development of the artist run Performing Arts Forum PAF, France and the internet platform Everybodys, which centres around the exchange & open source distribution of methodologies between performance practitioners. In addition she is engaged in research (practical philosophy, performance studies, Deleuze Studies) and was recently awarded the doctor of philosophy with her book Choreographing Relations. Practical Philosophy and Contemporary Choreography, forthcoming 2010. Sabisch is currently teaching in Europe (e.g. University College of Dance & Circus Stockholm, Theaterwiss. Giessen, Universität Bern).



Isabelle Schad

studied classical dance in Stuttgart from 1981 to 1990. Afterwards she danced for various ballet companies for six years before becoming a member of Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus in Brussels and worked with choreographers such as Olga Mesa, Angela Guerreiro, Felix Ruckert and Eszter Salamon.

Since 1999 she has been creating her own choreographic works and projects that are shown internationally in theaters, galleries and festivals.

In 2003 she founded the international artists’ network and project Good Work with Bruno Pocheron and Ben Anderson. She is part of the Praticable project by Alice Chauchat, Frédéric de Carlo, Frédéric Gies, Isabelle Schad and Odile Seitz. For several years she has also been directing workshops, supporting the independent dance scene in the Balkans and teaching at the MA Choreography, HZT Berlin.



Zoja Smutny

Working as a performer, choreographer and filmmaker, Zoya Smutny has recently moved to Berlin to study in the MA programme Solo/Dance/Authorship at HZT Berlin. Since receiving her BFA in Choreography from Concordia University in Montreal, she has been living, creating, teaching and producing in Toronto, Montreal, Athens and Prague. Her live and video work has been shown at international festivals in both Europe and Canada. Currently she is working on a collaboration with Toronto based photographer Guntar Kravis on a short dance film “Girls on Film” which will be released in October 2010.


Marcus Steinweg

See German version. 

Litó Walkey

Litó Walkey is a performer and choreographer based in Berlin. She studied at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam and was a member of the Chicago-based performance company Goat Island from 2002-2009. Her performance projects have been presented in Europe and America: ‘wings raised to a second power’; ‘The Missing Dance No.7’, ‘instanded’, ‘To fight a duel’ and ‘Like that, like this’. She maintains ongoing collaborations with artists Lucy Cash, Alice Chauchat, Katja Dreyer, Boris Hauf, Martin Nachbar, Carlos Pez and Bruno Pocheron with whom she works as performer, choreographer, advisor and writer. Her teaching focuses on collaborative methods and forms of writing for performance making. Litó is currently developing an individual and shared practice around 'performance directives', supported by fabrik Potsdam. Since 2010 she is an Associate Lecturer at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin.



Stefanie Wenner

is currently curator at Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU), Berlin. She studied philosophy, sociology and art history in Bologna, Cologne and Berlin, was co-founder of the Diskursive Poliklinik (DPK) and holds a PhD in Philosophy. Publications include: “Vertikaler Horizont. Zur Transparenz des Offensichtlichen.” Berlin, 2004, “Kollektivkörper. Kunst und Politik von Verbindung” (Hg. mit S. Sasse), Bielefeld 2002, “Körper-Kräfte. Diskurse der Macht über den Körper.” (Hg. mit M. Schaub), Bielefeld 2003. Curatorial Projects at HAU include “Kunst und Verbrechen. Art without Crime” (2003), “Re-Education. You too can be like us!” (2008), “Your Nanny hates you! Ein Festival über Familie” (2009) and “ZELLEN” (November 2010).