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All three study courses at the HZT Berlin regularly invite guest teachers. The HZT usually approaches respective guest teachers directly, however self-application is possible. Please take into consideration, that there are only a limited amount of guest teaching contracts available.


The courses are delivered through a range of teaching formats: training, workshops and theory seminars (see below) All teaching formats are set up and chosen in accordance with the module requirements. Please understand that we can only consider your proposal if it suits the formats and modules.


If you are interested in applying please send the application form and the required attachments to


Short introduction to all courses and their structures


BA Dance, Context, Choreography

The Bachelor of Arts Dance, Context, Choreography course offers a practice-oriented education in six semesters. The objective is to develop artistic work in the field of choreographic theory and practice.


The course offers students the opportunity to educate and prepare themselves for an artistic and creative activity in the field of contemporary dance/choreography. A strong focus of the course is placed on the students’ own artistic goals in student project work; this emphasis challenges students to find an experimental approach to dance and choreography.


Teaching languages:  German and English


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Teaching formats


Teaching times: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday, from 10.15-11.45

Normally 5 weeks



Teaching times: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 13.00-17.00

Normally 3 weeks


Theory seminar



Normally 3 sessions



MA Solo/Dance/Authorship (MA SoDA)

The MA in Solo/Dance/Authorship (MA SoDA) is a two-year, full-time, performance-oriented Master of Arts degree. It provides a practice-led postgraduate education for practitioners and recent graduates who wish to challenge, extend and transform their practice and their understanding of arts practice through practical, theoretical and critical enquiry.


MA SoDA focuses on individual solo and collaborative dance and body-based performance making within the wider field of contemporary arts practice. It concerns itself with making through thinking and thinking through making in relation to issues of composition, authorship, collaboration and process.


Teaching language: English


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Teaching formats


Workshop Intensives

Normally 1-2 weeks

10.00-17.00 or 13.00-17:00



MA Choreography

The MA Choreography (MAC) has an artistic/ practical orientation. Its specific approach lies in the expansion of body knowledge in order to develop movement research from precisely this knowledge, and to assist in developing choreographic productions with methods of composition. The degree course is open for the entire range of productions at city and state theaters, site-specific works or installations in the independent scene.


A fundamental concept of the course is based on working in groups; here individual artistic positions, work forms and projects are presented to and critically examined with fellow students in order to clarify them in this discourse. The approach is connected to a focus on the ability to make artistic intentions realizable in cooperation with dancers and other artists.


Teaching language: German


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Teaching Formats

Block Seminars

1 week, Tuesday-Friday