Alexandre Achour

is a choreographer and dancer based in Berlin. He holds an MA in choreography from Hochschule übergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. He graduated from a Bachelor of Arts from London Contemporary Dance School and a Bachelor of Biology from University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France. In the last two years he was developing a series of performances under the title Object. His work was presented in Berlin (Akademie der Künste, Uferstudios, etc.), Leipzig, Hamburg, Vienna (Tanzquartier), Dessau and so on. As a collaborator and performer he worked with Xavier Le Roy, Tino Sehgal, Antonia Baehr, Sasa Asentic, Laura McLardy, amongst others. In 2008 he was awarded the Robert Cohan Award by the London Contemporary dance School. In 2011-12 he received Ehrlich Ludwig Ernst Studienwerk Scholarship. He is from February 2013 the recipient of the Elsa Neumann Stipendium des Landes Berlin.


Fabian Barba

was born in Quito in 1982. Since age 12 he started studying modern dance in La casa de la danza and later in the Frente de Danza Independiente as well as theater in the school of the theater group Malayerba. This education in his hometown allowed him to work as a professional performer in that artistic milieu. Parallel to this artistic formation, Fabian made two years of undergraduate studies in Communication and LIterature at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador. In 2004 he went to Brussels to study at P.A.R.T.S. where he finished both the training and the research cycle with the graduation work keeping busy keeping still (2008), which he created conjointly with Tuur Marinus and Marisa Cabal.  After leaving school he became a founding member of Busy Rocks, a collective based on artistic affinities that functions as an inspirational platform for a constant and durational work sharing. In the frame of Busy Rocks he has participated in the creation of the quintet Dominos and Butterflies (2009) and Studium (2010). He also created two solos, A Mary Wigman Dance Evening (2009) and a personal yet collective history (2012); both works investigate the relation between 'contemporary' dance and history, and dwell upon the question of how dance creations negotiate their position within different temporalities and geo-historical locations. As a result of this work, he has been invited to give lectures and seminars in different institutions in Flanders, Germany, Greece, the United States and Brazil. For 2014, Fabian is preparing two collaborative works: Le Marbre Tremble with choreographer and dance theoretician Mark Franko, and slug's garden with choreographer Esteban Donoso. He has also worked as a dancer for choreographers like Zoo/Thomas Hauert, DD Dorivillier and Olga de Soto.


Jess Curtis

has created a body of work ranging from the underground extremes of Mission District Warehouses with Contraband and CORE (1985-1998) to the formal refinement and exuberance of European State Theaters and Circus Tents with Compagnie Cahin-Caha and Jess Curtis/Gravity (1998-present). Often working within a paradigm of collaboration and co-authorship, he has also produced thoughtful and engaging work with a number of innovative artists including Maria Francesca Scaroni, Jörg Müller, Claire Cunningham and the FabrikCompanie in Potsdam, Germany.  He has been commissioned to create works for companies such as Artblau in Germany, ContactArt in Milan, Italy, Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company in England, and Croi Glan Integrated Dance in Ireland. Recently awarded the prestigious 2011 Alpert Award in the Arts for choreography, and the 2011 Homer Avila Award for physically diverse dance, Curtis and Gravity have received a total of six Isadora Duncan Dance awards and a Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for fallen, which went on to tour to over 40 cities in 9 countries. Curtis teaches Dance, Contact Improvisation, and Interdisciplinary Performance throughout the US and Europe . He holds an MFA in Choreography from UC Davis and is currently a Ph.D  candidate in Performance Studies there, focusing on embodiment and performativity in movement-based performance.


Lutz Deppe

Lutz Deppe worked as a photographer for various labels and publishers for over eight years. During that period he participated in several exhibitions. In 1995 he worked  exclusively with light for the first time. Together with Susanne Linke he realized the lighting for her dance film “Maerkische Landschaften”. After that he assisted Jean Kalman for the Opera de Lyon in “Lenz”, an opera by Wolfgang Rhim. Since then he has worked with many dance companies, directors and composers. With Yoshi Oidas “The Maids” he won the “Time Out Award 2003” in London. In the last years you could see his light installations, for example at the EXPO 2000, at the City de la Musique, Paris (2003) and in the church Elisabeth in Berlin (2010). Lutz Deppe holds national and international workshops.



Marcela Giesche 

Since 2005 Marcela Giesche has been developing her own integrated movement practice through improvisation, technique, and choreographic practice, which she has been sharing with students and professionals around the world. Besides her long-standing collaboration with Bruno Caverna (BR), she studied extensively with Kathleen Hermsdorf (US), Bebe Miller (US), David Zambrano, Anouk Van Dijk, Frey Faust, Julyen Hamilton from whom she has drawn inspiration for her work. Marcela has been invited to teach at Alfred University - New York, Middlebury College – Vermont, Ohio State University, BPS Studios - Los Angeles, Kunst-stoff Arts - San Francisco, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janerio - Brazil, CODARTS - Rotterdam, Marameo, Tanzfabrik, DOCK 11 & Ponderosa Festival - Berlin, mehrTanz! - Leipzig, Tenza - Dresden, Deja Donne Company - IT, De Stilte Company - NL, Love-In Toronto - Canada, and the Impulstanz Festival - Vienna Austria amongst others.


Maximilian Haas

is a writer and dramaturg based in Berlin. He studied Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen. He is currently staging and writing a practice-based PhD project at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne on Performances of Passivity: Things, Animals and Faineance on Stage (Performances des Passiven: Ding, Tier und Nicht(s)tun auf der Bühne).The project is funded by the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg Lebensformen+ Lebenswissen (Potsdam, Frankfurt/Oder). He has worked as a Dramaturg for performance, theory and music at the Volksbühne Berlin and organized the weekly live-art salon Baron Saturday and the conference Idea of Communism. He collaborates with performance-makers and choreographers. Haas teaches in art academies and universities. His research interests and publications primarily address the field of performance and animal studies.

Nicole Hartmann

studierte in den Niederlanden am EDDC Tanz und Choreografie (BA), und an der Universität Hamburg Performance Studies (MA). Sie ist Tanztherapeutin (BTD) und praktiziert seit 20 Jahren Aikido. Seit 2010 hat sie einen Lehrauftrag für Aikido/Bewegung am HZT (Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz) Berlin und seit 2013 ist sie Gastdozentin am MA Studiengang Tanztherapie der SRH Hochschule Heidelberg. Hier setzt sie sich mit dem Einfluss von Körperkonzepten des zeitgenössischen Tanzes auf die Tanztherapie auseinander.2013 entwickelte sie die interaktive Kunstaktion Ich vergaß den Klang deiner Stimme, unmerklich, konzipiert für den öffentlichen Raum. 2012 entstand die Performance Die leichte Mattigkeit eines azurblauen Himmels und 2010 die Lecture Performance KunstDenkTanzBewegungen. 2002 wurde sie mit der Performance ZwischenTräume auf das 12. Annual World SamulNori Gyorugi Festival 2003 in Yangpyong /Korea eingeladen.


Klaus Janek

geb. 1969 in Bolzano, studierte klassischen Kontrabass bei M. Muraro, und besuchte Workshops bei D. Holland, P. Kowald, L. B. Morris, Jaribu Shahid. Arbeitet an experimenteller Musik und Klang Recherche am akustischen und prozessierten Kontrabass, an der Erweiterung des musikalischen Vokabulars in Kreation und Wahrnehmung. Er komponiert Musik für Tanztheater, TV, eine Houseoper und Sounddesign für Meta Design AG, Berlin. Konzert und Festivaleinladungen in  EU, USA, Russland, Israel, Canada, China, Malysia und Japan.


Elisabeth Molle

studierte Ballett und Modern Dance in Frankreich, dann während ihren 6 Jahren Aufenthalt in New York  an den Merce Cunningham Studio, dann  in der Strömung von Trisha Brown und vom postmodern Dance. Sie graduierte dort als Alexander Technik Lehrerin an den American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT) in 1983. Seitdem wohnt sie in Berlin und hat mit unterschiedlichen freien Tanz- und Theatergruppen gearbeitet, sowohl an Ausbildungen für modern Tanz und an der UdK (Lehraufträge für Musical-Show). Während 7 Jahre hat sie mit dem Bewegungskünstler Suprapto Suryodarmo Bewegung geforscht. Ihrer Schwerpunkt  ist die Verbindung und Integration von der Alexander Technik, Bewegung und Improvisation. Sie unterrichtet die AT in eigener Praxis und ist auch seit 20 Jahren als Assistentin an Ausbildungen Schulen für die Alexander-Technik in Berlin tätig.


Martin Nachbar

Since he graduated from the SNDO in 1996, Martin Nachbar worked as dancer and performer für companies and choreographers such as Les Ballets C. de la B., Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmen and Meg Stuart. In 1999, Alice Chauchat, Thomas Plischke and Martin founded the collective B.D.C. Among other pieces they made affects/rework. For this, he reconstructed Dore Hoyer’s solo dance cycle Affectos Humanos from 1962. He wrote several articles about this process, which were published in several dance and performance magazines. Since then he writes regularly about his work. His pieces are often described as playful approaches to very diverse themes. When working he likes to take a curious research approach. Since 2004 Martin has made more than 20 dance performances. Among them Repeater, a duet with his non-dancer father of 70, which toured extensively through Europe and North-America. Since 2008, he teaches dance and choreography in places such as PARTS, Brüssel, SNDO, Amsterdam, SEAD, Salzburg, HZT, Berlin, oder LABAN, London. In 2010, Martin Nachbar receives a master’s degree from the Amsterdam Master of Choreography. In 2012 he and five colleagues of his created the city intervention The Walk. In 2013 he choreographs Animal Dances, a piece for five dancers on stage. Martin Nachbar is an associate PhD candidate at the HCU Hamburg. 


Sandra Noeth

is head of dramaturgy and research at Tanzquartier Wien since 2009. She studied cultural, art and dance studies and is internationally active as a curator. She is the co-author of Monstrum. A book on reportable portraits (2009, with K. Deufert and Th. Plischke) and co-editor of Emerging Bodies. On the Performance of Worldmaking in Dance and Choreography (2011, with G. Klein) as well as of the publication series Scores of Tanzquartier Wien (since 2010). Further publication, artistic-theoretical projects and teaching posts on the ethics and politics of the body, dramaturgy in dance and performance, alterity and otherness in the context of non-European dance and body cultures. From 2006 to 2009 she was research associate in the faculty of movement studies at the Universität Hamburg.


Peter Pleyer

Nach einigen Jahren als Schauspieler im deutschen Sprechtheater studierte Peter Pleyer Tanz am European Dance Development Center (EDDC) der Kunsthochschule Arnhem. Er arbeitete als Tänzer und choreographischer Assistent mit Yoshiko Chuma und Mark Tompkins. Seit seiner Studienzeit arbeitet er eng zusammen mit der ungarischen Tänzerin Eszter Gal, gemeinsame Choreographien und Improvisationen wurden in Holland, Deutschland, Ungarn, Paris sowie beim New Yorker Improvisationsfestival gezeigt. In den Niederlanden choreographierte er seine eigenen Stücke (Teilnahme am Choreographenwettbewerb Groningen). Seit 2000 lebt er in Berlin, wo er mit u.a. Martin Nachbar, Alex b., Felix Ruckert zusammenarbeitete. Sein Interesse liegt dabei auf neuen Methoden des Tanztrainings und der Komposition, wobei Improvisation eine wichtige Rolle spielt. 2005 entwickelte er seine Lecture Performance „choreographing books“ über seine Sicht der Entwicklung der Tanzwissenschaften in Europa und den USA. Er unterrichtet in verschiedenen Tanzfestivals in Europa und half in Berlin beim Aufbau eines Hochschulstudiums für zeitgenössischen Tanz. Seinen Workshop "history in practice" unterrichtete er  u.a. für die Alternative Tanz Akademie in Poznan, bei p.o.r.c.h.- Stolzenhagen, am polnischen Theaterinstitut, Warschau, am MA für Choreographie ArtEZin Arnhem, in Jerusalem. am HZT-Berlin und im Tanzquartier Wien. Seit 2007 ist er künstlerischer Leiter der Tanztage Berlin. Seit 2012 Mitarbeiter im Team der Sophiensaele.


Thomas Plischke

was born in 1971. He studied at the LMU in Munich and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Since 1997, he has choreographed several solo works which were shown internationally. He was a founding member of B.D.C., for which he choreographed and directed several works between 1999 and 2001. He founded frankfurter küche (FK) in 2001 together with Kattrin Deufert with whom he shares the artistic direction. Since 2001 this label has produced several performances, slide and video installations, text and video publications. 1998 Thomas Plischke was awarded the "Philip Morris Dance Scholarship" as most outstanding performer and in 2000 the "dance support price" of the city of Munich. In the same year, he was elected as "most important newcoming choreographer" by the annual critics review of the publication "Ballett International/Tanz Aktuell".


Thomas Plischke works with Kattrin Deufert as the artist twin deufert&plischke. Since 2001, they have been created the stage works „As you like it“ (2002), "Inexhaustible" (2003), "Sofia Sp – science is fiction" (2004), "As if (it was beautiful)" (2004), the trilogy "Directories" (2003-6), „Reportable Portraits“ (2007), the trilogy "Anarchiv" (2009–2011), as well as the transdisciplinary exhibitions and performances "Emergence Room" (2010) and "The Entropic Institute" (2012). Their theatre work is shown regularly at venues and in festivals throughout Europe. deufert&plischke have taught composition, training research and applied dramaturgy (at Dasarts Amsterdam, KhiB Bergen, P.A.R.T.S Brüssel, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, among others). In 2006, they were guest professors at the Performance Studies department of the University of Hamburg, and in 2008 at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen. Since July 2010, they have been guest professors at the HZT Berlin “Dance, Context, Choreography” study programme. t.plischke@hzt-berlin.dedeufert&plischke

plan b

are the British artists Sophia New and Daniel Belasco Rogers who are now based in Berlin. Since 2002 they have been making work together collaboratively as well as pursuing solo projects. Their work is site-specific and relationship-specific. Alongside performances made specifically for a particular context or place, they make animations based on their GPS traces, works on paper, durational performances, locative media projects, audio guides and video walks. Pieces that have been situated in a stairwell, domestic interior, hotel bedroom, shop window, airport, galleries, city squares, open fields and on bicycles. In 2011 they were guest lectures at Hafen City University, Hamburg, on the Metropolitan Cultures BA. Sophia also currently teaches on the SODA MA at the HZT in Berlin and Dan gives workshops using GPS at festivals and universities.


Ka Rustler

bildete sich an der Theaterschool for New Dance Development in Amsterdam zur Tänzerin und Choreographin aus. Sie absolvierte das vierjährige Zertifikatsprogramm Body-Mind Centering zur Körper- und Bewegungstherapeutin in den USA. Ihr Interesse liegt in der Verbindung traditioneller Tanztechniken, zeitgenössischer Bewegungsformen und persönlicher Körperforschung. Sie unterrichtet in In- und Ausland an privaten und staatlichen Institutionen. Ihre Choreographien für Bühne und Film wurden auf zahlreichen Festivals in Europa und den USA mit großem Erfolg gezeigt.


Marcus Steinweg

geb. 1971, is a German Philosopher based in Berlin.


Jessy Tuddenham

began practicing yoga in the 1990's to support her training as a dancer.  Over the years her practice evolved from yoga-for-the-sake-of-body-conditioning into yoga-for-the-sake-of-yoga! Jessy loves the physical aspect of yoga, and joys deeply in the spiritual gains the practice offers - Asanas, Pranayamas and Meditation are her drugs of choice for sound living and good moods!  Jessy is certified through the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation of Kerala, India with Advanced Teacher Training (250 hrs, 2011) and Yoga Therapy (250 hrs, 2012) certificates.  As a professional dancer, she is influenced by many physical and energetic body practices, and a long line of inspiring teachers.  She has taught yoga for Ponderosa Tanzland Festival, and the Documenta 13 Art Exhibition, as a guest at YogaSky and Marameo Studios in Berlin, and has on-going classes at K77 and Yellow Yoga Studios in Berlin.

When not on the mat, Jessy can be found teaching dance and performing on various stages or in dark corners. She has an unsuccessful blog site and an unfulfilled dream to work in radio. She is a storyteller at heart.  


Kat Válastur

(born Katerina Papageorgiou in Athens) is a Berlin based choreographer and performer. She studied dance at the Hellenic School of Dance. In 2000  she was awarder with a Fulbright scholarship and  continued her dance studies at the Trisha Brown studios in York. In 2001 she creates adLibdances,  a meeting point for artists  of different fields that promotes the research and collaboration  on new dance concepts. Within adLibdances  she initiates  her  research in choreography and  the development of a  personal kinetic vocabulary.  At the end of 2007 she moved  to Berlin to paricipate to the  Solo/Dance/Authorship Master program at the Inter-University of Dance. During this time  she researched on the unity  and how its multiplicity can produce special choreographic structures. Kat Válastur poses  the questions “ What is there left to be danced ?” creating  the philosophical context in which she currently  develops and articulates her works. Her works have since then been presented in International events such as: The Place theatre, Athens and Epidaurus festival, B motion festival, madrid en Danza, Tanz im August festival, recontres choregraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis, Kalamata International dance festival, Springdance festival,Hebbel-am-Ufer theatre, Hellerau theatre, Tanzquartier Wien. e.t.c


Andrew Wass

By experimenting with aleatoric processes, Andrew Wass finds that movement reveals an inherent awkwardness, a humor that echoes our own vulnerabilities.  He formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious processes of composition that are the generative source of much of his works.  Influenced heavily by his undergraduate studies of Biochemistry at U.C. San Diego, Andrew works by creating a defined, almost crystalline palette in order to generate a myriad of possibilities.  The possibilities are reduced and concentrated in the moments of execution and reception.   A member of the performance groups Non Fiction and Lower Left he is a recent graduate of the MA program of Solo/Dance/Authorship at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum für Tanz in 


Nina Wehnert

works as a dancer, BMC© and Yoga teacher in and outside of berlin. She studied Vinyasa Yoga at OM Yoga New York, a Yogaschool that combines clear and calm alignment with the form of vinyasa and buddhist meditation, she studied Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers; as a certified Embodied Anatomy (Body Mind Centering ©)&Yoga Teacher she continues her BMC© studies and is currently finishing the Somatic Movement Educator Program of BMC© . Next to Yoga and BMC© she teaches Contact Improvisation, organizes Contact Improvisation events in different formats in and outside of Berlin. Inspired by many great teachers such as Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Nancy Stark Smith, Kristie Simson, and many yoga teachers, she has great joy in sharing her experience and is happy to pass on what she received.