Bachelor of Arts (BA) Dance, Context, Choreography

BA Dance, Context, Choreography

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Length: Three years (full time)

start: winter term 2019/20

Application period: 1. February – 1. March 2019
Admission Exams: 11. - 14. June 219 


The Bachelor of Arts Dance, Context, Choreography course offers a practice-oriented education in six semesters. The objective is to develop artistic work in the field of choreographic theory and practice.


The course offers students the opportunity to educate and prepare themselves for an artistic and creative activity in the field of contemporary dance/choreography. The programme is realized in close interaction with practitioners from Berlin’s artistic context and in cooperation with the HZT’s MA courses and international guest teachers.


The curriculum’s core is a structure made up of intensive block seminars taught by local and international artists and theoreticians; this structure is continually accompanied by a team of teachers and the HZT administration.

A strong focus of the course is placed on the students’ own artistic goals in student project work; this emphasis challenges students to find an experimental approach to dance and choreography.


The documentation and discussion of students’ artistic projects in groups is an integral element of the curriculum: preparing, analyzing and documenting material taught in block seminars and rehearsing the respective roles* in creating artistic works. Thus an understanding of artistic work’s multifarious, complex relationships of meaning, politics and social or economic contexts is trained.

(*e.g., performer, director, choreographer, dramaturge, producer, critic.)


The course calls for students to work independently on artistic and theoretical projects, to take on responsibility for project work in groups and to cooperate in shaping their curriculum.


The degree course’s objective is to educate artists who can articulate and realize their own ideas and understanding of dance as an art form and to thereby provoke new impulses in this constantly changing artistic environment.


During their studies, students gain basic knowledge and competencies in the following fields:

  • choreography, composition and improvisation
  • forms of dance and training
  • applied anatomy and theories of the body
  • social implications of artistic approaches to the body and movement
  • theory of art and culture
  • methods for information retrieval and research
  • presentation of and communication about their own approaches to work
  • organization, communication and documentation of artistic processes and modes of production
  • collaboration and inter-disciplinary approaches
  • analysis and self-analysis of artistic work as well as articulation of criticisim
  • curatorial and dramaturgic work principles




During their studies, students gain basic-knowledge and competencies in a variety of fields. The modules offered within the course are:


Module  1: Modes of Dance and Training I (12 ECTS)

Module  2: Modes of Dance and Training II (20 ECTS)

Module  3: Movement Analysis and Theories of the Body I (8 ECTS)

Module  4: Movement Analysis and Theories of the Body II (7 ECTS)

Module  5: Other Art Disciplines / Art Theory I (10 ECTS)

Module  6: Other Art Disciplines / Art Theory II (13 ECTS)

Module  7: Documentation / Communication (11 ECTS)

Module  8: Choreography / Composition I (15 ECTS)

Module  9: Choreography / Composition II (22 ECTS)

Module 10: Project Work I (16 ECTS)

Module 11: Project Work II (26 ECTS)

Module 12: Project Work III (Bachelor project) (20 ECTS)


How much does it cost?

No tuition is charged for the undergraduate course. The only charge is an administration fee of approximately 312,89 euros per semester that includes a semester ticket for public transportation.



Prof. Thomas Plischke (Head of programme), William Wheeler (Guest Professor), Britta Wirthmüller


Supported by further HZT team and guest teachers