Master of Arts Choreography (maC)



Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.)
Length: Two years (full-time)
Study Language: Mostly German, English in part
Next start: Winter semester 2019/20 (October 2019)
Application deadline: 1 October – 1 November 2018

Admission exams: February 2019

Class size: 6


Prerequisites for Admission:

To be accepted to the MA Choreography programme, you must fulfil the following prerequisites:

a) BA or equivalent degree from a university, technical college or art school in Germany or abroad; or the prouve of acquired competences and abilities in the frame of a professional education equivalent to a University degree.
b) special artistic and choreographic talent and a profound dance ability;
c) first own choreographic works in a public context
d) good German proficiency, enabeling you to follow the  lessons, understand texts and write your own texts (mini Level B2 according to GER).




The study programme

has an artistic/ practical orientation. Its specific approach lies in the expansion of body knowledge in order to develop movement research from precisely this knowledge, and to assist in developing choreographic productions with methods of composition. The degree programme does not represent certain aesthetics, nor is it focused on a certain field of work; instead, it is open for the entire range of productions at city and state theaters, site-specific works or installations in the independent scene.


A fundamental concept of the programme is based on working in groups; here individual artistic positions, work forms and projects are presented to and critically examined with fellow students in order to clarify them in this discourse. The approach is connected to a focus on the ability to make artistic intentions realizable in cooperation with dancers and other artists.


The MA degree programme places students in a position to  create and present choreographic productions in the field of contemporary dance that hold their own in this context. This includes that students can critically reflect their own practice, develop their own artistic position and communicate their aesthetic approach.


The maChoreography is a two-year, full-time programme of study structured into four semesters; it demands constant presence on site.

One year of study is made up of 30 semester weeks as well as 15 weeks of independent study when classes are not held. The entire study programme is organized in four semesters.

The first two semesters are class-intensive and lay the foundation for the second year of study, in which students work more individually and are supervised accordingly. The third semester thus offers the opportunity to work with students from other departments or cooperate with artists in theaters, universities or other work contexts.

When classes are not held, students apply themselves to independent study in the form of artistic research and work on choreographic projects. The results of this work are presented at the beginning of the semester, whereby a public presentation of a choreographic production is required before beginning the Master’s Project.

Finally, the fourth semester is completely reserved for the creation of a Master’s Project that includes a choreographic and written element.


  • Body and Movement Research
    • Strategies and Models of Artistic Cooperation
    • Composition Practice
    • Contextualizing Choreographic Practice
    • Prerequisites for Production
    • Choreographic Projects
    • Master Project


The MAC is made up of

(1) a team of full-time staff that accompany students throughout their entire study career, offer insight into different methods and approaches in the central fields of the study programme in their classes (body and movement research, composition, strategies for cooperation, contextualization) and reflect upon these subjects with the students in reference to their own artistic work;

(2) periodically invited guest artists who offer a perspective into their artistic work in block seminars;

(3) experts in the fields of stage technology, project management, etc., who teach in smaller formats;

(4) in the fourth semester students seek out an external mentor in addition to being advised by a full-time staff member.


How much does it cost?

No tuition is charged for the maChoreography programme. The only charge is an administration fee of approximately 250  euros per semester that includes a semester ticket for public transportation.


The School for Dramatic Arts “Ernst Busch” charges admissions examination applicants an examination fee of EUR 30.00. This fee is refunded if you are admitted to the study programme and enroll.



Prof. Wanda Golonka (Head of programme), Prof. Ingo Reulecke, Dr. Christiane Berger. About



(Effective December 2013)