Modules maChoreography (maC)

The degree programme is organized in modules that are associated with specific learning objectives. A module is made up of different classes and their respective independent study and assessments.

The MA Choreography is made up of the following modules:


M1: Body and Movement Research

Semester 1-3, 15 ECTS

By integrating somatic practice and theories of embodiment, this module facilitates a deeper knowledge of the body (as a concept and in its physicality). The body thus becomes an instrument for producing knowledge, i.e., the production of knowledge through the body. On this basis, strategies for finding movement are created in studio practice that form the foundation for new choreographic productions.


M2: Models of Artistic Cooperation

Semester 1-3, 15 ECTS

The subject of this module is cooperation in choreographic work processes. The focus lies especially on the cooperation between dancers and choreographers. The students learn different forms of cooperation, test them and reflect on them. In addition, they learn the applicable professional vocabulary and basic knowledge in order to communicate using video, audio and light.


M3: Composition and Dramaturgical Practice

Semester 1-3, 15 ECTS

This module tests and reflects methods and strategies of composition and improvisation for creative processes. It investigates the relationship between ideas and choreographic work. In classes with invited artists, the students get to know their artistic work and methods.


M4: Contextualizing Choreographic Practice

Semester 1-3, 12 ECTS

This module focuses on historic as well as contemporary contexts for choreographic practice in art, aesthetic discourse and society.


M5: Prerequisites for Production

Semester 2, 5 ECTS

In this module students will attain knowledge about the prerequisites for producing choreographic work and developping their ability to shape the general framework for their choreographic works and create their work possibilities.


M6: Choreographic Projects

Semester 1-3, 28 ECTS

This module tests and reflects all the steps in a choreographic project, beginning with the project idea and leading to the actual performance. The contents of all other modules flow into this one. The students work continuously on independently chosen choreographic projects.

The module offers the opportunity for students to understand their own choreographic practice as research and to reflect on the modalities of artistic research on the basis of their own work.


M7: Master Project

Semester 4, 30 ECTS

The students conceive, work on and present a full-length choreographic project; they document and reflect on their work process and the results, or reflect on a subject related to their practical work.

Effective: December 2013