This seminar explored on practical and theoretical level aspects of the working process and methods, the notion of a drafting and sketching both from choreographic and an architectural point of view. The workshop took place in the studios of HZT Berlin as well as in the main hall of Stadtbad Wedding, an abandoned indoor swimming pool nearlby.


Aktion von BA Student Asaf Aharonson realisiert mit BA Studentin Laura Unger, im Rahmen des Seminars  DANCE AND ARCHITECTURE von Prof. Nik Haffner im Sommersemester 2013.



In the 3 weeks seminar with Wanda Golonka the BA students were dealing with perception – more precisely, we had a shamanic approach on perception. They had a glimpse into the vast and polarizing field of ancient healing practices and shamanic energy medicine, learning how these can be a source for artistic practice and expression. Winter term 2012/13.