BA Dance, Context, Choreography

 offers a practice-oriented education in six semesters. The objective is to develop artistic work in the field of choreographic theory and practice.

Dance, Context, Choreography (Bachelor of Arts)


MA Solo/Dance/Authorship (MA SODA)

is a two year, full-time, performance-oriented Master of Arts degree. It provides a practice-led postgraduate education for practitioners and recent graduates who wish to challenge, extend and transform their practice and their understanding of arts practice through practical, theoretical and critical enquiry.

Solo/ Dance/ Authorship (Master of Arts)



maChoreography (maC)

is an artistic/practical orientated two-year, full-time study program. Coming from the dance or other artistic fields, the education offers space to dive intensively in choreographical practice. This includes cooperation with other arts as well as a choreographic discussion with the society.


Choreography (Master of Arts).